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Sel-Lo Oil has been Claysburg’s heating oil and fuel delivery company for decades, serving both residential and commercial customers. We offer heating oil delivery and fuel delivery services, including kerosene delivery and dyed ULSD delivery in Claysburg, Pennsylvania 

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​​Heating Oil Delivery Services in Claysburg, PA

​​Enjoy warmth and reliability with our heating oil delivery services in Claysburg, PA. From cozy homes to bustling businesses, we ensure your space stays comfortably heated through the coldest months. With our bulk pricing options, you can enjoy cost savings on quantities of 200 units or more, making it easier to keep your tank topped up without breaking the bank. Choose between a full tank refill or precise gallon delivery to suit your needs, and rest assured knowing that our prompt and efficient service will have your heating oil delivered right when you need it. Ready for your heating oil delivery? Check the latest, unbeatable heating oil prices here.

Heating Oil Delivery Company

​Blended Fuel Delivery Services in Pennsylvania​

Proudly Serving Claysburg, PA

Claysburg, PA, presents itself as a quaint and scenic locale strategically positioned along Interstate 99 and the majestic Allegheny Front. With a modest population of 1,291, as reported in the 2020 census, Claysburg embodies the essence of community and natural beauty in Blair County. Its location and demographic profile offer unique opportunities for businesses like Sel-Lo Oil, which aims to serve the heating oil needs of households and commercial establishments in the area.

Local landmarks and facilities like the Iron Masters Country Club, Claysburg Senior Center, King Valley Golf Course, Blue Knob All Seasons Resort, and Crichton McCormick Park highlight the community’s diverse interests and recreational opportunities. These establishments not only cater to the leisure and social needs of Claysburg’s residents but also reflect the area’s appreciation for outdoor activities, sports, and community gatherings.

For Sel-Lo Oil, these attributes of Claysburg open avenues for tailored services and community involvement. By ensuring a reliable supply of heating oil to homes, recreational facilities, and community centers, Sel-Lo Oil can significantly contribute to the well-being and comfort of Claysburg’s residents.