Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking new customers?

Yes, Sel-Lo Oil is always taking on new customers.

Is Sel-Lo Oil a credited LIHEAP vendor?

Yes, Sel-Lo Oil is a credited LIHEAP vendor in Blair, Bedford, Cambria, and Huntingdon Counties.

What are Sel-Lo Oil's credit terms?

All new customers pay upon delivery for the first twelve months. For all established customers, the payment can be made within seven days.

What is the minimum gallon amount for a delivery?

100 gallons of fuel is the minimum gallon amount for a delivery. If the delivery is below 100 gallons, an extra fee could be applied.

What is the seven day surcharge on my delivery bill?

The seven day surchage is an addition fee that is applied IF the bill is not paid within the seven days after delivery.

When do you make deliveries in my neighborhood?

Please check our delivery schedule page to see what day Sel-Lo Oil is making deliveries in your area.

At what temperature does my heating fuel freeze or gel?

Heating oil will freeze or gel around 15° Fahrenheit. Kerosene, however, stays in its liquid form well under 0° Fahrenheit.

Will you fill my heating fuel tank if it has a plastic fill pipe?

Sel-Lo Oil only fills tanks with metal fill pipes. Over time, plastic pipes have a tendency of leaking or worse.

If I have two tanks, are they both equally full at all times?

Yes, usually the tanks will drain down at the same rate. If the gauge in one tank reads 1/2, then your two tanks are both half full.

Who is Perky Petro?

Perky Petro is a jolly oil drop and Sel-Lo Oil’s company mascot. You can see him at the top of the website.